Racist Ad Or Not?

For three days, the image (pictured Left) of a beautiful little girl stood 29-feet high and 16-feet wide over the Soho district with the words:
"The Most Dangerous Place for an African American Is In the Womb."
As criticism of the racially motivated billboard, labeling the wombs of African-American women "dangerous," reached a fever pitch, Louisiana-based Lamar Advertising ordered it removed from the corner of Sixth Avenue and Watts Street, in New York City.

I believe the most dangerous place for anyone, Black, White & others, is without an education! The ad is insensitive & offensive. Statistics can be manipulated to reflect whatever the person wants the public to believe. Healthcare/Services received by the participants on government assistance is easily tracked for funding purposes - I highly doubt anyone has an acurate account of how many Ashleys paid cash for their abortions or the Dr who pocketed the money & kept it confidential,hence the staggering difference!


  1. Racist! no other word best describes this.Its ashame we still live in a world full of idiots!...Also,I must admit I love your page. Not only are you a very beautiful young lady,but your extremely talented as well.Keep up the good work!

  2. Since it is mostly blacks and minorities that get abortion, I'd have to say it's more offensive that most abortion clinic are placed in poor,minority areas. Life is the first inaliable right. Take a look at what those babies go through when they are killed. Watch a video on youtube. It changed my mind on abortion.

    It's also sick how most women that get an abortion are forced to by a boyfriend of family.